Saturday, March 21, 2009

Congress: READ the Fine Print

I am astonished to discover that Congress STILL doesn't read the Bills that they are entrusted by the American people to vote for on our behalf. (Remember how Hillary Clinton did not read the intelligence reports before voting on the Iraq War in 2002? Did not we learn anything about the importance of reading documents since then?) Now, I am sure we all are guilty of not reading "the fine print" in every single document we sign, i.e. have you ever seen an insurance contract? Of course you have. Now, being that most insurance contracts are contracts of adhesion, in essence it really doesn't matter whether or not you read every single provision. Contracts of adhesion are take it or leave it - you have no say in the matter. Now, on the other hand, proposed legislation is precisely an example of documentation in which the drafters, readers and voters do indeed have a say in the matter. When a House Rep or Senator votes "yay" or "nay" do not we, their constituencies, hope, if not take for granted that they will read the documents that spell out our very future? I do not think that is too much to believe to be true. However, I was blown away yesterday during an interview by MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell of California Rep Maxine Waters. Rep. Waters ADMITTED that the members of Congress do NOT read the Bills before they vote! Are you kidding me? The American people are currently up in arms and outraged over the "AIG Bonus Debacle" (phrase coined by me) and every day this past week we have watched the theatrics of numerous members of Congress feign equal outrage over said "AIG Bonus Debacle." How can they possibly be outraged when they were the very ones with the dominion and control over said AIG bonuses?

Congress, if you are going to pass legislation that you DON'T READ, then please do not have the audacity to rant and rave about the outcome of said legislation. If you can't do your jobs, then at least do us, the people, this one favor and read, just read.