Monday, November 24, 2008

Bonanzle - Discover this Sparkling New Gem for On-Line Shopping

Who loves to shop? I didn't hear any "Not me's" so I'll continue...

If you are like me - busy, busy, busy - then you probably do most of your shopping on-line. You probably also think it's important to get a great deal. If so, you probably know all about eBay, so I don't need to tell you about that place. If you are a seller on eBay, you are probably looking to move on because of the outrageous fee increases. So, please, buyers and sellers alike, read on...

I recently came across a sparkling new gem of an on-line selling site called "Bonanzle" to be found at Bonanzle is an on-line marketplace along the lines of eBay, eCrater, eBid, OLA, etc., but surprisingly far better than all of the others combined.

Bonanzle is a place where people can purchase from a variety of sellers who have their wares prominently displayed in their own spaces known as "Booths." Let me share with you that Bonanzle is no ordinary marketplace and the owners tout the site as such. Bonanzle's mission is to make buying and selling not only simple - but fun! It is an exciting and interactive place where buyers and sellers can talk to each other in real-time chat booths, enabling questions about products to be answered instantly. The website is set up in such a way that it is simple to search, navigate, ask questions, post to forums, and check-out with ease and ultimately, satisfaction.

Bonanzle is growing very fast. It currently boasts proudly over 10,000 registered users - a milestone just reached yesterday morning. When I joined Bonanzle 10 days ago there were approximately 8,000 users. Do the math - that's 2,000 new users in a little over a week - WOW. Did I mention that this site just opened its doors in the summer of 2008? Bonanzle is growing and growing at a frantic pace.

So, back to shopping. You will likely be able to find most of your holiday gifts on Bonanzle this year. And, you will most likely be able to find the items you are looking for at the best prices around. I, for one, have done all of my Christmas shopping on Bonanzle. You will find a large selection of goods of all types - new, handmade, vintage, unusual, clothing, shoes, handbags, books, candles, collectibles - and so much more.

There are many fantastic Booths to browse on Bonanzle. I'll suggest a few of my favorite Booths just to get you started:

First, for some of the most uniquely delicious (mmm, I can smell them from here...) candles around, please check out Wicked_Scent's Booth at:

Next, if you are looking for high quality designer fashions, please check out Fashion Runway's Booth at:

If you are looking for some lovely homemade shadow boxes and pet beds and toys (of which 100% of your purchase price will go directly to support the rescue and care of cats and kittens), please stop by the wonderful Booth operated by Sandypaws at:

If jewelry is your passion, you will find a gorgeous collection of Sterling Silver pieces at Precious Jewelry's Booth:

I'm sure you will be wanting to find some unique holiday collectibles, so be sure to visit Sheelah2's Booth at:

Looking to redecorate your child's room? Or buy a brand new upscale car seat cover at an amazing price? Check out the gorgeous Kidsline and Hot Toddies products available by ComeSaleAway:

And of course, if it's the latest Ed Hardy shoes and handbags you want, come by and see me at CityChic's Booth:

There are so many more wonderful Booths to mention and I will feature those Booths in the days to come. But, for now, please just pay a visit to and you'll fall in love with the site instantly. I promise.

What makes Bonanzle a cut-above the rest is the people. Everyone at Bonanzle is so friendly, helpful, caring and generous. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will be welcomed with open arms as soon as you walk through the virtual doors. When you become a member of Bonanzle, you will not only find the greatest new place to shop, but you find that you have an instant new family. Come on over and see us and you'll know exactly what Bonanzle is all about - and you will never want to leave.