Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Bonanzle Seller Series Vol. 2: Featuring: Diaperchef

It is with great enthusiasm that I bring you the second installment in my "Top Bonanzle Seller Series." After careful consideration of the amazing sellers that Bonanzle has to offer I chose... drumroll, please... Diaperchef of "My Three Sons Marketplace." It's never an easy task to choose who I will feature, as Bonanzle boasts so many wonderful sellers. But choose I must and so I did! I am more than proud to share with you today the wonderful "diaperchef!"

I know first-hand what an amazing person Lauren a/k/a diaperchef is. I stress "person" because the sellers that I feature are not just sellers to me - they are very special people that I have personally purchased from and have come to know, respect, and in many instances consider a friend.

So, let me tell you know what I know about Lauren - the amazing diaper cake creator. She is the consummate professional and what intrigues me the most about her is her total dedication to her work. She is always on a quest to create her next incredible design. She puts so much time, effort and genuine care into her work. She truly is an inspiration for anyone who wants to be successful running their own business. I also know that Lauren takes great pride in her work which is key to success and more importantly - to ensuring happy customers.

Let me tell you a personal story about a transaction I had with Lauren - diaperchef of My Three Sons Marketplace. Of course, I came across her Booth while shopping on Bonanzle. I was looking for a special gift for my lovely niece, who was a little over a year old at the time. I saw some of Lauren's gorgeous diaper cakes in her Booth and I had an idea in mind for my niece and wondered if she could design it for me. I inquired of her and she said she could certainly create what I wanted. Well, what I wanted was something wild! I asked her if she could make me a diaper cake that featured a "French, shopping, trendy, maybe a cat? (hey what do I know? lol) theme." Was I ever surprised with what she came up with! It was incredible - it was wild - it was beautiful - it was PERFECT! It was pink and black with a zebra print and came with a unique and stunning dress with a French cat on it (Ha! I got my cat!) as well as a little black handbag and some adorable handcrafted barrettes. My best friend (my niece's mother) absolutely LOVED it! It was the perfect gift that I couldn't have found anywhere else. Would you like to see it? You can - right HERE! Isn't it amazing?

You see, you can get a most special and completely unique gift for the new moms in your life too! And her items are not only geared for new moms, but make excellent gifts for baby showers, baptisms, wedding showers, holidays, birthdays and more!

I love to allow my readers to get to know the sellers I feature as well as I do. So, like in Volume 1 of this Series, I once again give you the pleasure of hearing from Lauren a/k/a diaperchef, herself, in her own words:

"Selling on-line is a relatively new adventure for me, one that began about three years ago while I was on a leave of absence from my teaching position to have my second child. The last twenty years I have worked as an English language arts teacher and reading specialist in the public schools. I received my Masters degree in reading and shortly after was blessed to have two children fourteen months apart. With three sons ( now ages 16, 3, 2), I became a stay-at-home mother which quickly evolved into a work-at-home-mother when I ventured into e-commerce and began my new career as an on-line seller. At present, I have my own website, sell on Bonanzle, sell locally, and have returned to teaching part-time at a local private school.

My businesses, My Three Sons Marketplace and The Diaper Chefs, specialize in boutique, custom-made diaper cakes for baby shower gifts and centerpieces as well as towel cakes for bridal showers, hostess gifts, and birthdays. In addition, my Bonanzle booth also boasts infant clothing, hand-knitted afghans for babies, and personalized mini-books for children. While I enjoy selling clothing and books, the diaper cakes have become my real passion. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind diaper cake creations for the expectant and new mother. The birth of a baby is such an exciting and special time, and it is with great joy that I create and design cakes to celebrate this memorable time in parents' lives.

I know you have many options of where to purchase your diaper cake for the special, expectant or new mother. What makes my cakes stand out from the rest?

*You will receive individualized, professional, friendly, unbeatable customer service from beginning to end.
*My cakes are made from name brand diapers. I exclusively used Pampers Swaddlers diapers for my cakes.
*Flexibility! You can select a different diaper brand such as Parent's Choice, Huggies, Seventh Generation, even cloth diapers! What a different size diaper? Do you see an in-stock cake, but want to alter the theme or design? I will work with you to make a completely customized cake!
*Variety! I create, design, and sell cakes for baby's first birthday, Baptism, holidays, and more!
* My specialty is creating and designing custom made cakes. Have a special theme in mind that matches the baby shower or baby's nursery? On a budget? I will work with you to create a cake that you and mom are completely satisfied with.
*My cakes are not massed produced. I hand select all accessories and clothing for each cake I design. Cakes are not made until you order one; then it is freshly "baked" and wrapped in cellophane just for you!
*I add unique accessories to my cakes such as handmade hair bows, cloth diaper wipes/wash cloths, soaps, blankets, bibs, and more. I support other work-at-home mothers by purchasing their handmade items for my cakes.

I am honored and appreciative that Nicole invited me to be a featured seller on her blog. Selling on Bonanzle since October 2008, I am dedicated and loyal to growing my business on this state-of-the-art selling venue."
~Lauren a/k/a diaperchef

My dear readers, I hope you enjoyed reading about Lauren and her wonderful business and creations as much as I enjoyed writing about her. I can guarantee you that you will be treated like gold as a customer of hers. You will receive from her not only a very special and memorable creation, but you will also encounter one of the most professional, courteous and friendliest sellers that Bonanzle has to offer.

Please stop by and visit her Booth. You can shop, browse, or just say Hi! I'm sure she would love to see you!

You can find Lauren's Blog here:

Thank you again my friends for sharing your time with me.