Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top Bonanzle Seller Series: Featuring: Forget Me Not Mineral Makeup

I am pleased to share with you the latest addition to my Blog - the "Top Bonanzle Seller Series." As many of you know I sell online at under the name "CityChic." I have owned and operated an e-commerce sales business for three years. I discovered the wonderful world of Bonanzle in November 2008. As some of you also know I have periodically chronicled the success of Bonanzle on my Blog (see previous posts). I am happy to report that Bonanzle is still growing rapidly in number of registered users, unique visitors, sales and online presence.

I admit I do a lot of shopping on Bonanzle. As a result of my many shopping sessions (and hundreds of purchases) I have come to know many of Bonanzle's sellers and their products. I think it would only be fair that I let my readers know of some of the wonderful Booth Owners at Bonanzle and so I decided that I will feature a specific Bonanzle Booth on my Blog in my new "Top Bonanzle Seller Series." This series will highlight the sellers that I have found to be the cream of the crop - i.e. are trustworthy, provide excellent customer service and carry outstanding products.

This will not be your ordinary Booth review - so be prepared to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat while you enjoy your stay here. I have (and will) interview all of the Booth owners that I feature so that I can share with you their personal stories, which I hope you will find as interesting, motivating and as special as I do.

The first Booth I would like to tell you about will appeal to makeup lovers everywhere. The Booth is Forget Me Not and is owned and operated by a wonderful Seller named Liz. Forget Me Not features mineral makeup which is created and produced by Liz herself. I can honestly say that her mineral makeup is by far the best I have ever used. It goes on smoothly and gives one a flawless appearance. The colors that she creates are bold, stunning and unique. I haven't found comparable colors anywhere else. Most importantly, her makeup lasts all day - I only have to apply it once in the morning and I have never needed to touch it up throughout the day - not once. That's pretty amazing in my book. You know what (or should I say "who") else is pretty amazing? Well, that of course would be Liz herself. I am genuinely thrilled to write about her. She is not only a rare talent and remarkable business woman, but she is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. And so now it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Liz and to share her passion for her craft with you, in her own words...

"I started my makeup addiction early on, with my grandmas lipsticks and powders when I was just a wee little thing. From then on I was just fascinated by all these beauty products that I wasn’t allowed to wear yet!!!

Makeup in general gives me such happiness – but actually knowing & understand what is in the makeup I created & wear is just a whole different level of happiness – that I can’t even describe!!!

Like many women, when I started out with minerals, I started out with a major national brand – which at first I was in LOVE with. I thought it was the greatest thing next to cupcakes. (which I just LOOOVE) Needless to say, as time went on I found that it was making my skin itch which then turned into a rash overtime. I thought at first the itching was from my moisturizer or maybe my primer or just something random. So I tested till I came to the conclusion that it was my beloved mineral makeup. In doing a little research I found many other out there like me, who were sensitive to an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride – which gives their mineral foundation that “glow”.

Now, knowing that Bismuth has the same properties as arsenic... there is no way I would put that stuff anywhere near my face. No wonder, it made me itch and gave me a rash!!! However, since I had fallen in love with mineral makeup and I just couldn’t give it up, I decided to venture out and look for other companies and experiment some more. I mean really … this gave me an excuse to fuel my already out of control beauty addiction, but this time it was different – I was on a quest! To my surprise I ran across all sorts of indie mineral makeup companies & most were bismuth free & I was thrilled!! After testing out a few, I found a formulation that I really liked and was happy with until I got curious… to have a business in mind when I started experiment, it just kind of grew into one, but I am loving it.

So now, I am in the business to formulate simple, luxurious good for your skin makeup which is still natural, yet fun for the everyday woman. I am just excited to be able to share this love for minerals with other women." ~Liz, Owner of Forget Me Not Mineral Makeup.

I commend Liz for following her heart and doing what she loves. It is a bold step to follow a dream and then an extraordinary satisfaction when that dream is realized. Through her creation of Forget Me Not Makeup, Liz has realized her dream and fortunately for all of us it is a dream that is shared with us.

So, if you are a lover of mineral makeup, an admirer of someone who pursues, realizes and materializes her passion, and a supporter of hard workers, then please pay a visit to Liz at Forget Me Not. Maybe even make a purchase. You will be happy that you did and I'm certain you will become a regular customer!

You can also visit and learn more about Liz and Forget Me Not at her Blog: or at her My Space page:

Oh - and that awesome makeup you see at the side of my blog page - that's Forget Me Not - gorgeous isn't it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going Solo

Happy Sunday everyone! I apologize for not writing sooner, but I have been so busy. I am currently in the process of opening my own law firm, and so you can imagine that things are quite hectic for me at the moment.

I just wanted to pop in and check in with you all quickly to let you know where I've been and what I've been up to. I truly plan on blogging regularly again within a few weeks - can't wait!

I do however, have a favor to ask: As you may know, I have TWO careers - one as attorney, and the other as business owner of an on-line sales business (many of you know me as "CityChic" on and as such I enjoy writing about the law/politics AND e-commerce/social media. I would love it if you, my dear readers, would take a second to reply and let me know if you think I should separate my blog into two separate blogs OR do you wish to read about both topics in one place? It might make it a lot more interesting...

Thank you and I hope to hear your thoughts!