Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Response to a Query about the Future of eBay

Good afternoon! I just read a very interesting article which ponders the future of eBay (as its next annual shareholder meeting is only two months away) over at The Motley Fool called "Give eBay a Kick in the Pants" and I thought it was an article worthy of commentary. Here is my response to the article:

On February 18, 2009, at 2:58 PM, CityChic wrote:

What should eBay do? lol - It's way too late for eBay to do anything. The good news is we don't need eBay to do anything anymore as we now have a new and better venue to buy and sell and that is

Like others before me have said is the place to be. Bonanzle is growing faster than you can imagine - but if you come over and check it out, you won't have to imagine... Former eBay buyers and sellers are fleeing there by the thousands at a record pace.

So eBay, don't worry, you don't have to do anything to try to recover, because quite simply, we don't need you anymore. has solved your problems for you.

I think the above pretty much sums it up it for eBay, don't you?


Kim said...

Very good job! I think you speak for the majority here. Nothing eBay can do at this point for me to gain my trust back!

Nicole Lauren said...

Thanks Kim! Yeah, sometimes a company has to know when to cut its losses, huh?

sparkklejar said...

eBay could actually do a lot, however it would require a huge backpedal of most policies 'inflicted' since May 2008, it would also require a drastic change in upper management and other staff positions. Topped off with the tedious application of retaining the new found eBay buyers & gaining back the long time eBay sellers that have left. I don't think it realistic to say that ebay will be prideless enough to backpedal, thourough enough to invest in a customer retention program & frankly IMO the resources aren't there. A revamp would take years, maybe it's time for eBay to go juried or just quit.

Bill said...

LOL, your response to the Motley article gave me a good chuckle.